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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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i've got one out there already and i am not even president yet. thank you. chef. >> mitt romney apparently the man to beat in the race to the white house on the republican side he took majority of the blows from other candidates during last night's debate in south carolina. a complete wrap up straight ahead. >> new concerns involving that ship wrecked cruise liper off italy as the search for sur -- cruise liner off italy as the search for survivors dwindles. clouds, a little bit of rain here and there. tuesday, january 17th, 2012, not a bad start to the day not picture perfect. not bad i am tony perkins in for steve chenevey. before we get to weather and traffic one school delay, western maryland. allegheny county schools delayed two hours today.
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>> that is the only system we know about. maybe some icing conditions out there as it is colder out there. tucker barnes can tell us about everything going on in the world of weather. >> you got it, cumberland maryland, 32 degrees. rain showers, temperatures generally warmed up, into the 40s. rain showers for the first half of your day a live look at your max hd radar you can see shower activity redeveloping off to our west and south. and heaviest rain all morning long across southern prince georges county, southern maryland. all of us here have the possibility of showers in the forecast for the next lat today cloudy skies, break or two of sunshine. this is a warm front moving through, at the moment. 42 regan national, humidity, 85% breezes, out of the south,
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miles per hour -- 9 miles per hour. winds guesting, 25. pressure falling. early showers, milder temperatures, colder temperatures on the way. break in the clouds later today, 58 your daytime high 60s to your south. julie wright what is the word julie. >> all right on the roads this morning, it is a fatal crash, where we find the crew in sky fox hovering above the scene we got the call 2:00 a.m. this morning a tractor trailer struck a passenger van. so that is why traffic coming in and out of annapolis is grid locked i-97 to a 2.5-mile back up, heading to the accident scene. two right lanes are getting by as you work your way westbound, inbound headed towards buoy, that is your work around as an alternate route, wall to wall traffic headed westbound, 50, eastbound your lanes are open.
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for those travelling southbound baltimore washington parkway traffic is heavy in laurel, slowing the belt way, average speed, 21 miles per hour. in bound 50, flows from traffic lights, northeast to northwest, manassas, 50 to 123 your average speed down to 20 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning the aclu expected to announce a lawsuit on behalf of a man arrested after he questioned the tactics of metro transit police. lawrence miller says he simply asked police why they dumped his friend from his wheelchair back in may. all charges against miller were later dropped, a news conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. this morning lawsuit seeks damages for constitutional rights of an innocent bystander. a civil rights trial,
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involving a man who died, after being shocked with a stun gun. now the 20-year-old was hearing impaired and an investigation found he was not wearing his hearing aids and may not have heard the deputies commands. his parents are seeking $100 million. lawmaker return to capital hill after their holiday break, they will be met with the biggest occupy protest yet in the district, let's get more on what is planned from fox 5s. stacey cohan live on capital hill. good morning. >> good morning let's hope they enjoy their long holiday break there is quite a bit of work and yes, indeed a large protest, to return to. congress also was probably dealing with a lot of constituent services over that break, they have the lowest approval ratings they have had in 30 years just about 18%, approve of the job they are
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doing not great numbers, let me talk about what work they have to do here on the hill, that payroll tax debate that had to be extended consumed much of december they approved a 2 month extension that is back on the forefront that 2 month extension expires february 29th they will have to resolve that, democrats hope to fund that by attacks on the wealthiest americans republicans would like a cut in federal work force. key stone pipeline that would run through canada a debate on that is ensuing and expecting a deadline vote on that of february 21st, today beginning 9:00 a.m. this morning occupy dc protest group will be here on capital hill. according to the group 's website everything starts 9:00 a.m. when they will meet on the west line and dispurse to various offices of congressional members followed by a late morning teach in where they will discuss various issues and then this afternoon what is being billed as the largest
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demonstration of occupiers in one place since the movement began last fall groups from all over the country and all over the world are expected to converge on capital hill for an all out protest on what is happening with our government here in washington. a very business see tuesday back to you. yes, it will be all right stacey thank you very much. >> future make up of congress just got more competitive we are talking about the race for the u.s. senate in virginia. bob marshall announced he is running for the seat. marshall will compete against at least four other republicans including, george alan. to the race for the white house now, republican field of candidates gathered in south carolina for a debate last night, as foxs doug luzader tells us the four trailing mitt romney are taking direct aim at the front runner. >> reporter: the field may be
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smaller in south carolina but attacks are getting more intense. and then there were five with john huntsman now out, this now diminished field duked it out in what could be the final battleground state in this race, south carolina. mitt romney is the guy to beat. >> and mitt, we need for you to release your income tax so the people of this country, can see, how you made your money. >> reporter: it was a question romney would eventually answer. >> i anticipate most likely i am going to get asked to do that around the april time period i will keep that open. >> reporter: that may well be after this republican race is decided. rick santorum, hit romney whether felons who served their time can vote. >> first answer the question. that is how you got the times the my time if you can answer the question. >> reporter: the answer finally was no. >> newt gingrich was on the offensive too he got some of the best applause of the night
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talking about president obama's support of long term unemployment benefits. >> now the fact is, 99 weeks is an associate degree. [ applause ] >> reporter: ron paul still a major force in this race, often stood alone. >> just because you spend a billion dollars on an embassy in baghdad, bigger than the vatican, you consider that defense money i consider that waste. so ... >> reporter: what none of these candidates can afford to waste is time there is another debate in south carolina thursday and the primary is saturday. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. other top stories, still no word on when the suspected serial slasher will be extradited back to fairfax county to face charges. he was arrested in his native peru friday. 9 women reported being cut on their buttocks while shops
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since last february investigators identified him as the man shown in surveillance video. man accused in a series of home invasions and sexual attacks in montgomery, may have not have acted alone. ken ray is charged with robberies and sexual attacks in bethesda, wheaton and temple hill they are on the hunt for a second suspect they believe helped ray. one of her relatives says she wants to hear more of the facts in this case. >> it is an accusation right now he is accused we have no problem with the justice system playing out and justice being acted as it should be but you know some injuries have been sustained some other things and i just need to know you know, what you have. you know what i am saying. what is he guilty of this? do you have evidence. ray is being held in montgomery county due in court this afternoon tony. alison the search continues
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for parents of a newborn abandoned in front of a home in northeast dc the baby girl died shortly after she was found, late sunday night. medical examiners are waiting for autopsy results to determine exactly how the baby died a neighbor found the newborn on a porch in the freezing cold he said she looked to be the about 2 weeks old her eyes and mouth were closed. alexandria police say this man was driving drunk when he hit and kill add 8-year-old boy he faces several charges including wreckless driving and manslaughter. brian hernandez >> east side was walking with his mother, a-- chavez when the car jumped the cur b and hit them both. new developments involving the sinking cruise ship in
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italy the number missing 29. among those still unaccounted for, two americans the u.s. embassy is working with authorities to find this minnesota couple they were on vacation, celebrating their retirement, divers created four small openings in the hull allowing easy access into and out of the ship in the meantime new worries about a possible environmental disaster, italian officials say rough seas could cause some of the fuel to leak into the sea, threatening the protected sanctuary for dolphins and whales. teams are constructing a protective barrier around the ship. prosecutors are preparing to question the ship's captain, that is accused of causing this wreck that killed 6 passengers. still ahead, an awill remembering alarming report of the number of children living in poverty.
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a new recall, involving minicoopers. dangerous combination, head phones and walking a new study highlights danger pedestrian face tuning out the world. a live lookout side, sunrise occurring shortly there are clouds out there, going to get the latest traffic and weather from tucker and julie coming up next stay with us, 12 minutes after 7 ahh... so much better than last year.
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7:15 a.m. a lawyer for the army private accused in the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history wants to question secretary of state hillary clinton. bradly mannings lawyer tried to call clinton as a witness during mannings preliminary hearing. he wanted her to explain if documents manning allegedly leaked posed a danger to
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national security. flags in maryland will fly at half staff today, in honor of a man who died serving our country overseas. 24-year-old airman, first class, mathew sidler was from westminster he died earlier this month in afghanistan when a vehicle he was riding in struck an explosive device. today is the deadline to turn in petitions to force a recall election, and democrats have collected more than enough signatures, walker says he has no plans to be any where near the capital, when the truck pulls up. he could be if he wanted to be. >> he doesn't have any plans. >> sounds good. >> tucker. >> rain showers on the way guys. >> here aren't they? >> they have been here, gone and back again they will be with us for a good part ovaritis. >> all right. >> -- part of our tuesday.
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>> all right >> i always feel for the kids at the bus stop. >> it is not unpleasantly cold, temperatures in the 40s. >> temperatures warmed up overnight. >> they really have. let's kick off a look of hd radar, showers now redellville lopping, moving in from -- redeveloping moving in from the west. more showers on the way starting to fill in up towards rusken and lees burg still reports of icing off to the north and west, it is fallen as rain but in a few spots temperatures hanging tough near the freezing mark, if you are watching well off to the north and west that could be an issue for you for the rest of us we are into the 40s. rain showers here for your morning commute and then, we will be nice and mild this afternoon the entire area 50s and even some 60s by later this afternoon. all right let's switch maps show you the bigger picture, sentinel sat rad, pushing into the great lakes, dragging a
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warm front, then a cold front through the area. showers with us on and off heaviest rain off to the north and west, ohio and up towards michigan. the rest of the country fairly quiet a series of big pacific storms that will become a story later this week they will get heavy rain in california and as i mentioned snow in big cities like seattle that don't typically see big snow storms. 43 washington warmer air to the west, nashville 58 degrees, 64 in new orleans, we are going to get that warm tongue of air in here today before the cooler air gets in tonight. one day warm up then cooler air arrives overnight tonight during the day tomorrow 58, rain showers could be a couple rays of sunshine 40 tomorrow breezy conditions, cold could be an early mix changing to rain highs upper 40s. >> thank you >> could be a lot worse in january. over to julie wright with the latest on this mornings
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drive into work hey julie. >> yeah, we have been dealing with wet pavement a couple problems old frederick road, highway 99 in howard county was blocked off between mariesville and 32. icy conditions our big story has been the fatal accident that occurred, overnight westbound 50, approaching 424, crew in sky fox over the scene. showing delays as you work your way westbound. back up from i-97 headed westbound towards the scene. traffic is able to get by using the two right lanes this is a big headache for folks coming westbound, annapolis, into buoy, alternate routes trying to work your way around the scene a fatal crash which remains under investigation. until they can complete their investigation, traffic will get by using the two right lanes only. back inside, update the ride elsewhere, travelling the inner loop of the belt way, annona dale, commute between
7:20 am
springfield and 66, 19 minute ride thankfully all your lanes are open, travelling into southeast, haven't forgotten you guys, average speed, 30 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie. bmw recalling nearly 89,000 minicoopers there is concern a water pump malfunction could cause a fire, no accidents or injuries have been reported bmw will replace the part for free it includes 8 different minicooper models check with your keeler. listening -- dealer. >> listening to music on the go is something many people do, walking down the street got your ipod. listening to head phones is very dangerous. deaths have tripled among pedestrians walking with head phones. and foxes melinda rotor takes a
7:21 am
look. >> reporter: excuse me. hi it is easy to ignore something or someone coming from behind when you can't hear them. but listening to music on the run can put you at risk. i usually turn volume down to a 4 or 5 so i am aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: with ipods and ear phones becoming more and more popular it is probably no surprise, pedestrians are putting themselves in danger. people love their music and love to listen to it in every place possible. >> reporter: a researcher and er physician, university of maryland medical center over the course of 6 years serious injuries to pedestrian, using head phones has tripled. plugging up your ears not allowing you to hear outside noises, alarms, sirens horns is important plus there is the distraction of paying attention to the music that you are listening to. >> reporter: he says, we are a distracted society from day today dodging traffic.
7:22 am
hi there. excuse me. often doing so unaware of what is around us. >> does that surprise you? >> not at all my dad is a fire man i was raised you don't listen to music especially on a bike but in the city it is the thing to do i suppose. >> reporter: of course. some say they use caution staying on sidewalks and cross walks. >> i am extra cautious when i am looking around. >> reporter: but many believe head phones are not that harmful. >> you often walk with them on? does this concern you? >> it doesn't concern me if you utilize sidewalks and pay attention to signs, you should be good to go. all right. >> i am not surprised. >> makes sense. 7:22 a.m. on tuesday morning still ahead, the government is stepping up the pressure to help alzheimers patients. >> how babies turn to tack you may help them turn gibberish into actual words without knowing it. and art, tradition,
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culture, innovation all things the textile museum in the district has to offer. annie yu will fill us in on a mid-winter family festival. it is only tuesday we got you covered we will check with annie later i can't stand these spots.
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welcome back to in today's health alerter the government has an ambitious goal for finding a cure for alzheimers, by 2025 they hope to have an effective way to treat the illness. 5.4 million people in the u.s. have some sort of dementia and that number is rapidly growing, as people get older. new research suggests, babies don't learn to talk, just by hearing sounds they are also lip readers, babies are so
7:27 am
smart. florida scientists discovered babies shifting from intent eye gaze to studying mouths around 6 months old that is the stage when a baby is backling, and -- backling gradually changes into dada and mama. >> it is an inside trick we mothers do. findings highlight quality face time >> i didn't know that. >> we are all day with it on maternity leave usually, dad comes home. listen honey listen. >> da da. >> my goodness i didn't know that. >> don't tell anybody else. >> okay. >> things we do for our loving husbands. >> that is great. >> 7:27 a.m., new competition could be added to olympics if a group of farmers get their way more on this has nothing to do with that story i believe.
7:28 am
>> this has something to do with this, with time running out five republican candidates, on the attack. ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. the latest from the campaign trail. a live lookout side roads are wet more rain moving in latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, coming up next it is 7:28 a.m. i can't stand these spspots.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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this is a push to have sheep sheering added to the olympic games, a new zealand farming lobby group believes sheerers are athletes. that looks uncomfortable. >> they want hearing to become a demonstration sport to take it to the world stage new zealand produces some of the best shearers and will play host to the world championship in hearing in march. it gets a lot of local media coverage. >> i don't like that at all. >> what is athletic about that. >> it doesn't hurt him i suppose. >> that is an animal he is holding. >> yeah, but you have to get it all off in one piece. >> quickly. >> so you are for sheep hearing being added to the olympics.
7:32 am
>> not against it. >> i am against it. >> sorry new zealanders. >> then youthe doors to all kinds of crazy things. >> what is the shuffle board game. >> curling. >> curling is entertaining why couldn't hearing be entertaining. >> curling is a sport. >> you sit there with a broom. >> that is a -- yeah. >> i made my point alison. there we go. >> looking forward to that. >> is synchronized swimming still in? that is a sport. >> see tucker looking like that one isn't. sure it is. >> we are using sport loosely there alison. >> tucker barnes@... >> no, then you got to bring cheerleading in. >> hey >> i am saying you need to bring it in. >> that is a sport. >> it is a sport. they are great athletes absolutely. h d radar. >> i am being serious.
7:33 am
>> okay. >> they are like gymnasts. i only have 30 seconds left rains move in from the west and south, going to be widespread showers next couple hours we will see breaks later today rain will no be the with us all day but guaranteed next hour or two as you head out the door to work and school. let me show you the bigger picture again this is a warm front moving through the morning then breaks sunshine and a cold front tonight. we are going to warm up winds out of the south and west, upper 50s and a few communities here to the south, down towards frederiksburg, quantico, colonial beach, 43 the winning number in washington, gaithersburg a few icy spots north and west, frederick, where it is 36 let me mention, cumberland, 32. a few icy spots generally upper 50s low 60s as warmer air continues to move from the south and west. early showers mild temperatures could see a ray of sunshine,
7:34 am
58, out of the south and west, 10 to 15 early shower, cool tonight 37 your overnight low and 5 day forecast, cold tomorrow breezy conditions highs 40, thursday and friday, seasonably cool highs upper 30s. low 40s. less wind could be a mix, by saturday afternoon highs upper 40s. that is a look at weather let's do some traffic julie. >> i think you will get in trouble later. >> i was supporting it. i suggested it. >> just saying if i were you i would watch out with some smaller moms coming your way >> i have been set up. ding ding ding. >> thank you. on the roads right now travelling inbound route 50 this morning, we are down to a 9 minute commute as you work your way out of river dale and headed into northeast washington with lanes open. 50 is troubled with that fatal
7:35 am
crash before you reach the exit, 424 davidsonville, stacking up i-97, southeast washington headed in that direction, 295 naval research lab down to 30 miles an hour headed towards the 11th street bridge and commute, leaving an non-dale, headed up towards 66, 19 minute ride that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. republican presidential contenders trying to woo voters in south carolina mitt romney looking for a hat trick saturday after already clinching the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. if romney takes south carolina the gop nomination is all but certainly his according to newt gingrich a look at the race, merideth shiner, staff reporter at roll call welcome to the show good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> two debates in south carolina. is this too much or just what voters need to make thundershower minds up. >> not as -- make their minds
7:36 am
up. >> not as intense as that curling versus hearing debate but this was an important debate in south carolina this will be the primary that narrows the field you already saw john huntsman drop out last night you saw a preview of what will happen rest of the week all other opponents go after mitt romney the presumptive front runner and try to attack him on his record of bane capital. and try to push him to release his tax return. they focus on him because everyone is fighting to be the alternative to mitt romney you have seen this cycle through the rest of the election season. >> how did he survive that? >> he did pretty well it is hard when your getting challenges focused on you. he was able to combat that, and implied he might consider releasing his tax returns in april, this spring if he does become the nominee and he was able to get in a few shots at barack obama, which is something a front runner should
7:37 am
do as well. john huntsman we saw him pull out a couple hours before this debate and throw his support, behind romney, two questions, how impactful is jon huntsman leaving the race how much will that make a difference and secondly he endorses mitt romney just last week was you know, he called him basically unelectable, how much of this is politics do we see through that as just what it is, politics at the time? >> well, on your second point this is something you see all the time republicans once opponents when not opponents come back and endorse that person when you saw john mccain on the trail with romney, he was someone john mccain did not like in 2008 someone he aggressively attacked on the trail that is something you see frequently. the impact of the hadn'tsman endorsement doesn't make -- huntsman endorsement doesn't make one difference. the person who would have voted would have gone to romney any way he did not have a
7:38 am
significant shot at winning the nomination. >> never seem to gain speed so people said he was you know, as far as politics went he had solid footing what in your opinion never got jon huntsman off the ground. >> it was hard for him to differentiate himself from the field. especially mitt romney. one place where jon huntsman was quite progressive was environmental policy he always had the issue he was serving as ambassador to china. at the end of the day he didn't have the money to take on mitt romney who had a huge campaign war chest already had a campaign from last cycle who was poised to succeed in 2012 perhaps that is something you see jon huntsman do. being war tested. the primary is saturday in
7:39 am
south carolina almost like history will be made if mitt romney does secure votes he needs there expect any surprises? >> you know i think, that the big question will be, how big will mitt romney win by and if he does win, by a significant amount, how many candidates are willing to stay in to continue to spend money to run again because the longer the primary is, even if it seems romney has it secured the longer newt gingrich, rick perry spend attacking him, the better it is. you will see a push from the republican establishment if he really runs away from the primary, for some other candidates to step back. merideth shiner staff reporter with roll call thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. it is 7:39 a.m. are you looking for a job? coming up next details about a local job fair happening today,
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>> a 10-year-old california boy in custody accused of stabbing a 12-year-old friend in the chest with a kitchen knife. that boy later died at hospital. no word on motive neighbors say the young suspect has emotional issues. southwest virginia, a similar case involve 5:00-year- old boy -- 5-year-old boy neighbors say he stabbed three people at a mobile home park in green county over a juice box. two juveniles and one adult were taken to hospital, with nonlife threatening injuries the child is in police custody where he will be evaluated. lipped say lohan heading back to court -- lyndsey lohan heading back to court for a
7:44 am
progress report. she is under strict clean up requirements, doing clean up work at the county morgue and attending psycho therapy sessions. it is a big day for america's favorite golden girl, betty white turns 90 today, celebrities including valerie bert nelly, ellen degenres and mary tyler moore came out. you see her co-stars from the show hot in cleveland. it aired on tv last night as for today, white told people magazine she plans to spend time at home with her golden retriever. ah. >> we should all say happy birthday, if i am correct i believe today is mohammed ali's birthday. >> did i read it is the first lady's birthday today. >> i thought i read that too. >> big day. >> how old? >> 70. >> wow.
7:45 am
he is always like you know that fighter in the white trunks to me. happy birthday. all right. tucker. >> i am sticking to weather here on out. >> okay. >> we don't want you to get in trouble. >> i don't want to be in trouble. >> to be fair he did not -- just go on. >> right to hd radar thank you tony. alison i owe you one. hd radar, rain showers falling across the area,. and they continue to fill in here look what is going on out to the west, steady band batch of rain showers, redeveloping out towards rusken, dulles airport, pushing into montgomery county, louden county, rain showers in the forecast next few hours and then start to get some breaks and we might even see a peek of sunshine before sunset, let me show you future cast there you go, you can see what future cast is doing with
7:46 am
theatmosphere showing shower activity, then you see what happens this afternoon through our 4:00 p.m., mix of clouds maybe a few breaks in the clouds and just one or two showers around later today hey it will be warm today winds out of the south and west up ahead of our frontal system in here tonight our cold front temperatures upper 50s low 60s we have a nice looking forecast as far as temperatures later today 58 today showers in the forecast particularly first half of your day then cooler, in fact, cold tomorrow highs 40 degrees, breezy conditions, seasonably cool, early mix saturday morning before it changes to rain or rain showers saturday afternoon. >> thank you very much tucker. >> all right. let's find out what is happening on area roads hey, julie. >> all right well, let's update the commute along route 50, maryland accident activity before you reach 424 cleared to the shoulder lanes are open traffic still congested i-97.
7:47 am
crew in sky fox headed out towards frederick where we have reports of a fatal crash. between liberty and arty kemp road we hope to have live pictures of the scene in our next report. other side of town, southbound 270, heaviest volume out of german town, average speed down to 22 miles an hour. southbound 355, disabled bus in the right lane coming in bound, intones washington that will cost you 14 minutes, leaving 410 headed towards new york avenue. inner loop drive, slow and steady towards 66 and springfield, down to a 25 minute commute. that is a check of fox 5 on time traffic. virginia lawmakers will get a startling report more than a quarter million children living in poverty in the common wealth, in 2010. that is the highst rate since
7:48 am
1998, poverty level for a family of four is less than $22,000 in annual income, the report, along with recommendations comes from the group voices for virginia's children. alison. more help for job seekers national career fairs is holding an event in rock land today, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. holiday inn. dozens of employers will be on site looking for new hires, so bring plenty of copies of your resume. remember the job shop on is your one stop source if you are looking for a new job we've got tips on making your resume stand out for the right reason. ways to ace your interview and job openings from across the region. listen up, a popular online shoe store is urging customers to cancel their credit cards and change their account passwords after as many as 24 million shoppers accounts at
7:49 am were hacked no complete credit card information was stolen but hackers accessed e-mail, billing and shipping addresses and last four digits of credit cards. >> and it is michelle obama's birthday today. annie yu has just the thing good morning annie. >> actually we just lost that shot but she will join us in a couple minutes. >> let's do facebook fan of the day. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day she refused to give up in her attempt to be picked tony we thank you for that and watching too. we hope you have a great morning to be tomorrow's fan of the day search facebook for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under her photo. 7:49 a.m. ♪
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>> textile museum in the district is hosting a mid- winter family festival coming up this weekend. >> annie yu is checking out all the fun and free things for you and your family to enjoy good morning. >> good morning alison and tony we like free it is free kicks off this saturday the 21st it is a great opportunity for you to come out with your kids and learn about traditional africa. the textile museum is an incredible resource i am telling you, you are surrounded by them this is the perfect chance to come out and learn about it joining me now lee talbot the your ray tore here. thank you for having us out here i have already learned so much. before we get into the exhibit tell us about your mission and the museum here i don't think a lot of people realize what it is about. >> textile museum is an independent museum we bring to
7:54 am
life textile art, clothing, fashion, decorative furnishings from around the world. we have 19,000 objects, dating back the ancient egypt. each year we have 3 to 5 term tear exhibitions that celebrate various aspects of world textile art. the exhibit. kicking off saturday what is on display? this exhibition is called weaving, cuba textiles and woven art of central africa. we are looking at textiles, hand made throughout the region of central africa. we have 150 objects on view, ranging from baskets, 1 inch high to skirts more than 40 feet long >> i know there is a skirt on display you said this is something they wrap around. >> that's correct. you know, these days, people like to look very thin but in their society they want to lick big. create a big sill wet.
7:55 am
is this worn by men and women. >> men and women alike wear these types of skirts. >> well, why don't we go into this room i have my friend katie waiting for me thank you lee. katie is going to talk about the fun activities for the kids to come out and enjoy what is this here on the table. >> all right so at the textile museum we always try to have a hands on activity for kids to try it out. this saturday we are making our own african textiles. >> cool. each design has a symbol or meaning. >> that's right. there is a lot of beautiful aspects, shapes for this activity kids will be able to pick out their background color and then we have, a lot of patterns and symbols, precaught for them. >> what does all this mean. >> well, i think that it really depended on the maker, it is hard to say exactly what they meant. does it originate from just
7:56 am
having power and i guess, you know just having that wealth? >> i say so and the more intricate a textile could be, you know the finer the patterns, the more special it was. >> okay so how do we do this. >> sure so you pick out your background and we've got lots of shapes. >> already picked out. >> and then, to actually attach it, we have two different options pick out your color raffia. >> what is that? >> fiber made from a palm tree a type of palm tree that grows in central africa and they actually strip the leaves to make the fiber. all the objects you see around you are made from raffia. >> a lot of detail and thought goes into this it is all free check out kicks off this saturday, back to you in studio. annie thank you. >> very good. >> during our next hour dust off that resume details about a free event helping unemployed veterans find work. also after 8, financial
7:57 am
tips for women research shows a lack of education when it comes to handling our own long term financial security advice how to make good decisions that could be crucial to a healthy financial future we will be right back ñ
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
congress is back to work and the occupy protestors, will be right here with them. i am stacey cohan more in a live report. then, in an effort to cut waste, president barack obama announces plans to consolidate a number of federal agencies we will take a closer look with the pros and cons at the washington post. while search and recovery efforts continue a new concern off the coast of italy the latest in the tragic cruise ship accident. good morning i am sarah simmons. >> i am alison seymour. >> before we get to weather and traffic school notes to pass along to you western maryland,
8:01 am
allegheny schools delayed two hours today. >> point pleasant in pasadena maryland is closed, because of an oil leak in the boiler room in that area. >> nice. straight up 8:00 a.m. tucker barnes joining us, still raining out there tuck. >> yeah, in fact rain showers picked up in intensity last 45 minutes or so. widespread for our morning commute. well off to the north and west cumberland maryland, 32 degrees, icing issues out there. if you are watching out there, headed out there, i think things will gradually get better but could be touch and go next hour or so. temperatures work their way to the ground. >> all right. >> hd radar, showers, rain continues across the region, and picked up in intensity last hour widespread showers, spread out rest of the city, 66, dale city, work our way around the belt way, to the north,
8:02 am
montgomery county, howard county you will get more rain too. will it rain all day? no, by this afternoon, it will break up, a peek or two of sunshine later this afternoon for the next two hours rain showers in the forecast. >> milder temperatures on the way starting warmer than yesterday, 43 degrees washington, 43 baltimore, 46 ocean city it was low 20s yesterday morning. highs today later today enjoy, 58 washington 62 frederiksburg, one day warm up and we will cool it down big time details coming up in a couple minutes. >> cool it down big time. >> yes. >> let's check with julie wright. hi julie. >> good morning guys, right now we are talking about unfortunately another fatal crash which closed a portion of 75, each direction at jones road. multivehicle accident under
8:03 am
investigation. the accident owe considered just -- occurred just south of jones road. the roadway remains blocked off. 75, closed off south of jones road. >> southbound, baltimore washington parkway heavy and slow out of laurel delays continuing southbound trying to work your way south of the belt way, 17 miles an hour as you travel out of river dale towards new york avenue. problems, northbound gw parkway after memorial bridge accident activity tieing up the left lane, expect delays, 395, 66 inside the belt way down to 18 miles an hour as you work your way past westmoreland street. our top story this morning protestors, with the dc occupy dc movement are getting ready for a big day of rallies holding workshops and teach ins
8:04 am
later this morning. >> this afternoon they will march on capital hill. more from stacey cohan live on capital hill with the latest good morning. >> good morning it will be quite a first day back for members of congress the house reconvenes this morning up here with them will be a group of protestors, occupy dc has a long list of events scheduled today, we got information from their website they are expected to gather on the west side of the capital where they will begin dispursing and going the various congress people's offices, meeting with staff, they will return around 11 for teach ins about the issues of importance to that group and later this afternoon, plans for a huge rally, it is billed as a peaceful protest, bring to light things they think congress being out of touch, not representing the 99% of the people, and it is billed as single largest gathering of occupy protestors to date. all this comes as congress has a busy schedule ahead of them
8:05 am
they have to readdress the payroll tax issue they stalled back in december with a two month extension that is due next month they also have the issue of the pipeline ahead of them. they have to figure that out by february it will be a very busy day up here on capital hill. i am stacey cohan lack to you. president obama wants to consolidate programs at several agencies with an eye to saving $3 billion over the next decade. joining us now to discuss what that means for ageneral is and employ -- agencies and employees, ed o'keefe. >> are a lot of federal workers in danger of losing their jobs? downsizing? >> we can expect this will go to capital hill and might languish for awhile and in the end it may never happen. at most, the white house says 1 to 3,000 workers would be lost in this, mostly through
8:06 am
attrition, over the coming years, let's face it most, or a good chunk of federal employees, especially at trade and commerce agencies, being talked about for the organization are eligible to retire. presumably they would take buy outs or early retirement. >> that is the other thing you were writing about in your column as well these may not be permanent that we are looking at. why is that? >> some pieces wouldn't be permanent. the president elevated small business administration into his cabinet this happened during bill clinton, went away during george bushes administration and is happening again. small business administration which is a separate agency would become part of this new department that includes trade and commerce offices and agencies and business development agencies and would lose cabinet level status. you wonder why on earth would he do this now. apparently they see this as an important political move, they
8:07 am
feel, they've got to show the business community and small businesses especially, that the white house is curious about this. they claim moving it into the department and reducing its rank, if you will, would help merge and make business a bigger part of this, and therefore make it more important. caused a lot of head scratching friday. >> that is the thing is it something that a lot of people feel, doesn't need to be cabinet level agency. >> not necessarily. for years people talked about doing this reorganization where you bring together all the different trade and business and economic development offices and agencies finally put them under one roof, in the end they would work together in a better fashion and better coordinate the country's trade and economic development policy. >> we know this is president obama 's wish list he has got what he wants but it will have to go through congress when you look at it on its face value you would thing this is something republicans would
8:08 am
like. downsizing this is good. is this a political play the president is really i guess wanting to follow through on. >> absolutely he has had these plans for six months, white house claims it took six extra months to sort this out. no, there is a state of the union to be given next week this is clearly% of this. republicans voice, encouraging support. absolutely on the surface we are all for reducing size of government but it is like you are saying you are for clean air and water of course you are but how money is spent who is responsible has to be the white we will get to details. after congress gives us authority. they will surely say no, show us details first and then we will give authority. that is the thing how soon could these changes happen. if it even happens. >> i would guess earliest it would be another year then it is a question whether president obama is still in office and a republican predecessor, if they
8:09 am
win, would follow through. >> all right. ed o'keefe washington post thanks for coming in. alison over to you. >> thanks sarah. to the race for the white house, now, the big topic of last night's gop debate in south carolina were jobs and economy. newt gingrich said anyone getting unemployment benefits should be given job training and mitt romney defended his time at the investment company he worked at in creating jobs. and those kinds of experiences allow me to know what it takes to get this economy working and put people back to work. we've got a president in office, three years, and he does not have a jobs plan yet i have one out there already and i am not even president yet. thank you. the help we ought to give them is get them connected to a business run, training program to acquire the skills to be employable. now the fact is 99 weeks, is an
8:10 am
associate degree. mitt romney leads in polls and after jon huntsman dropped out yesterday, they are all battling it out for second in saturday's primary. during the debate mitt romney was pressured to release his tax returns he seemed hesitant when confronted by gingrich and said he would release them in april like previous presidential candidates have done. >> aclu launching a lawsuit against metro for arresting a man who spoke up for his friend in a wheelchair the handicapped man was roughed up by metro transit police last may the incident was caught on tape showing officers allegedly pushing the man to the ground. a friend of the man in the wheelchair, lawrence miller was arrested for questioning the harsh treatment of his friend. later this morning aclu is announcing the lawsuit.
8:11 am
a medical school examiner, may soon, release results of an autopsy of a newborn baby, found sunday night. a neighbor found the baby, her nose was bleeding and she was wrapped only in a towel. police are trying to find whoever left the baby there. dc has a safe haven law allowing babies to be left at hospitals, police stations and fire stations without prosecution. a man accused of home invasions is due in court. kevin ray was arrested in north carolina last weekend he is charged with robberies and sexual attacks. police are now on the a second suspect they believe helped ray with the home invasion in bethesda, last week now ray, is currently being held in montgomery county. time now 8:11 a.m., military veterans searching for work right now they have a big opportunity tomorrow. >> veterans administration is
8:12 am
hosting a career fair. we will talk with one of the organizers next. as we head to break a live look at the scene of the wrecked cruise ship off italy's tux an coast. an ex-- tuscan coast. an extraction crew says it will take a few weeks to remove the oil from the ship. officials warned of an ecological crisis if there is a spill. we will have more coming up. >> plus an update on the search for 29 passengers and crew still missing. we will be right back ♪
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♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go back with are reminder of the fox 5 weather ap go to the apple ap store or android market. find more at something you can use today. we got a little rain in the area. >> i know tucker barnes joining us with more on that and also,
8:16 am
let's take a break to check out the cuteness factor. we have 183 people we are tweeting with on our weather ap >> i am not surprised. wow. >> let's get to it warm up factor of the day, time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> hey. >> this is 6 month old emily. >> hi emily. >> so cute. >> all right. take it away alison. >> you want me to read it? >> no, i want you to -- >> okay. emily's family says this is the price you pay when you drive a convertible. check out that hair. emily has been driving in the new convertible walker her aunt amanda got her for christmas. >> that explains it. >> super -- well, she is in it. >> i thought she was in a high chair. >> she is in a little -- look at her. >> move out of the way grandma and auntie. >> adorable. that is a really really cute picture.
8:17 am
>> to send us your child's picture go to collect on mornings. emily, you don't want the convertible today rain showers continue across the area they will be with us for the next couple hours, later this afternoon we will start to dry things out you will be awfully wet if you are in your convertible. seasonal radar, you can see the -- sentinel radar, you can see the beam, banding now, heavy and moderate rain. yellows there out towards sterling, inside the belt way, southern portion of the belt way, getting rain. rain will be with us for much of your morning hours, as we get into the afternoon it is possible we could get a couple breaks and a cold front through later today. a combination of a warm front and cold front. warm front will bring us warmer temperatures expect highs upper 50s believe it or not, and chilly one tomorrow. 44 washington cincinnati 52 degrees, nashville 58, warm
8:18 am
tongue of air and that will temporarily push itself into the washington area later today. temperatures 15 degrees above normal then cold on the backside of it 19 in wichita we will not be that cold but highs tomorrow will only be about 40 degrees. your 5 day forecast, rain showers this morning might be a peek or two of sunshine later today warm, mild, highs upper 50s. cold air in here tonight highs tomorrow 40, breezy conditions thursday, friday, could be a wintery mix changing to rain showers saturday morning highs in the upper 40s on saturday. all right that is a look at your weather forecast and now, julie wright you got your latest. 183 followers on your weather ap? >> we are hot on your tail julie. >> just a quick note i mean everybody this is new for tucker barnes, don't forget you have to put the@symbol. >> okay i will get a lesson on that after the show. >> that is what you said last
8:19 am
week. all right tucker. coming in this morning on the baltimore washington parkway, heavy and slow out of laurel definitely delays, 17 miles an hour, working your way in out of river dale, in bound 50, stacked up 410, new york avenue, lanes on new york avenue, leaving northeast to northwest, those northbound george washington parkway, heads up in the left lane that is slowing down your ride. average speed, down to 18 miles an hour west more land street, accident activity, 450 fair oaks expect a slow go out of centerville. if you are looking for a job, there are some resources available to you this week national career fairs is holding an event in rossland today 11 to 2:00 p.m., at holiday inn, north fort meyer drive. organizers say dozens of employers will be on site looking for new hires.
8:20 am
in the meantime military veterans searching for federal or private sector jobs have a big opportunity tomorrow veterans administration is hosting a career fair and expo at the dc convention center joining us this morning the mary santiago, director of veterans employment services offices at the u.s. department of veterans affairs good to meet you. >> good to meet you. >> what a fantastic opportunity can you give us a headline here. >> the headline is, this is a one time opportunity, first time that we are putting together not only the opportunity to look for a job but also, have all the services that are available to veterans, that veterans affairs offers and public sector also offers, so, you know they can do it all in one roof look for a job, also come look at services you have earned. >> mm-hmm. how big of a challenge is it now, with a lot of our service members, coming back from the conflicts that we've seen in the world, what is the
8:21 am
situation right now with our veterans. >> the biggest challenge is translating the skills that they have, earned while in the military, what we have developed for these veterans, with va is a tool that allows them to translate their skills, experiences, training into city speak, if you will. so civilian sector can understand all that they bring to the table, this tool, is available for all veterans, under va, for vets, they can go in, take an assessment and translate those skills into city talk. we provide them live coaches to help them understand what careers they can go to and compete successfully for. >> everyone can't make it out to the jobs fair that website is so valuable. are there certain industries that veterans are -- do better
8:22 am
in or are more equipped to work in, after active duty? >> i would be one to say a military person someone who served comes with incredible stills not just what they were trained to do, medic or it area, but a foot soldier has incredible leadership skills incredible critical thinking skills that can be applied to any location. >> let's talk about the nitty- gritty who is eligible, active duty and retired? who should come out what tholed they bring. >> anybody who is a veteran, anyone with a dd 214 if you are a veteran you know what that means, bring it with you or any form of id if you do not have anything we will have services there that can identify you as a veteran. strictly for a veteran we offer free child care for those with children absolutely bring your children we will take care of
8:23 am
them while they go through the expo and job opportunities. half of it is expo, jobs fair@expo what is the expo part. >> phenomenal part of all of this department of veteran affairs offers a lot of benefits for our veterans you know post 9/11 gi bill a lot of medical services a lot of home loan type things, e benefits where veterans go in and sign up and debt all of their documentation needed when they -- documentation when they need it and my healthy vet and get more information. lots of jobs available, like 800 position. >> we are at over 6100. >> wow my goodness that must have been the low end what i saw. and you are living proof army retored. >> exgi served 9 years. excellent. >> i am an army girl. >> there is life after active duty. we appreciate you coming in setting the example.
8:24 am
let's get out all of the pertinent information of course the veterans career fair and expo, tomorrow wednesday, january 18th, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., we mentioned earlier, dc convention center and alts for that website, -- also for that website go to if you cannot be there tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> mary santiago, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> sarah over to you. all right alison. don't forget if you are looking for work, you can always head online to fox 5 job shock our job, -- shop our job of today, general manager, pizza hut. to find more job listings head to time now 8:24 a.m. latest on the cruise ship accident off the coast of italy. coming up next here on fox 5. >> financial planning for women
8:25 am
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>> back with a look at the cruise ship wreck off the coast of italy. there are reports, death toll has risen to 7, 29 still unaccounted for along with two americans, people from germany, italy and france. they hope to create holes in the hull for easy access into the ship. officials are concerned about something new. aiynsley earheart has more. >> reporter: more than two dozen crew memberpassengers remain unaccounted for following friday's tragic italian cruise liner accident. rough conditions forced rescue teams to halt efforts for a period of time. the commander decided to send, the search and rescue, people to carry on. >> reporter: despite it being more than 3 days after the incident rescuers are holding on to hope they can find more
8:29 am
survivors. >> the feeling is to keep on working until we are sure all the cabin checked might be that there are some -- >> reporter: now new worries arise of an environmental disaster some 500,000-gallons of fuel onboard the ship, could leak see the sea, teams are constructing a protective barrier around the ship just as a precaution. the situation is causing great concern for area residents. we are worried about it. people from the whole area are worried about it we hope they manage to suck out the fuel as soon as possible. >> for a person born by the sea to see something like this when i think of it i get goose bumps. >> reporter: the operator of the cruise ship is placing blame on the captain for the accident claiming his actions caused this disaster the captain has since been jailed and faces several charges including manslaughter and abandoning the ship in new
8:30 am
york, aiynsley earheart fox news. to alaska where a big dig is under way. >> snowfall has gotten so bad there is a push to hire more snow removal workers, check out video from core doe have a, the town has got 14.5 feet of snow since november 1st. residents in the town of valdez have seen more than 26 feet of snow. the national guard is on the job trying to uncover roads so that at least emergency crews can get around. to nome alaska where they are one step closer to getting some much needed fuel crews are laying hoses from a russian tanker to that city, a million gallons of fuel will be transferred nome has been cut off by ice since november a u.s. coast guard ice breaker cut out the path for a russian tanker over the last few weeks to get to those folks in nome a fuel transfer could take a couple days. >> my gosh. >> meantime in our area, fema says more than $25 million in
8:31 am
aid has been approved, to help virginia residents, business and local governments recover from the earthquake that hit last august. 5 .1 magnitude quake hit august 23rd there are still after shocks latest one, struck last friday night can you believe that. >> i know. >> we don't feel all that. >> don't hear all these. >> wow. >> every time i hear something now i think it is an earthquake. i get that too. when i am at home. me too. >> i hear something. >> a lot of our viewers are writing in did we just have an earthquake. >> we are pros. >> i think california would beg to differ. >> exactly. >> i was in a big earthquake in california and that one here and that one here was also as impressive. >> element of surprise. >> that is what it is >> chef really is. element of surprise not with the weather today as we knew the rain was coming and it has arrived and will be with us.
8:32 am
>> it went away and came back. >> went away now it is back again it will not rain all day but the next hour or two, it will feature rain showers a live look at the max hd radar, showers continue, here we are, washington belt way getting rain at the moment, work the way up 270, montgomery county, louden county, south and east of the city another round of showers for you as well. southern prince georges county, arun dell county, all this pushing east, we will get out of here a few more showers out west, things should gradually quiet down, left with mostly cloudy skies and very mild temperatures, again it is a warm front coming through at the moment warmer temperatures on the way a cold front tonight once that gets through here, our winds will shift out of the north and west and cooler air will work in, overnight hours tomorrow morning until then we will be in this warm sector a few more showers in the
8:33 am
forecast, a lot of the shower activity will stay north and west a few more showers in the forecast, during midday hours and maybe a little sunshine for clouds later today. >> right now washington 44 degrees, again we are expecting highs upper 50s low 60s watching down towards, frederiksburg, still holding on to the 30s in frederick, 39 degrees, 47 that is your winning number in annapolis, highs upper 50s again, a few peeks of sunshine later today, we will get colder tonight and not much of a rebound in temperatures tomorrow highs only 40. thursday and friday where we should be upper 30s low 40s. this time of year could be an early mix, wintery mix saturday morning changing to rain saturday highs upper 40s we will watch that carefully. sarah, over to you. >> all right tucker thank you. women tend to out live men but when it comes to finances, experts say a lot of women haven't made any contingency plan for their future. joining us now with sound steps that women can take to improve
8:34 am
their fiscal future, a certified financial planner and vice president bernard r wolf and associates thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> it is so important to talk about this i thought it was interesting looking a at numbers 90% of women will eventually be like solely, responsible for their financial planning why is that? >> well, you know we face a lot of challenges as women. we typically retire on two thirds of the amount a man would have to work with at retirement yet live five years longer. so that is a greater challenge we should be devoting more time to our long term retirement planning than a man should and i find women tend to be great at the day today finances and managing a household budget but tend to leave longer term decisions to someone else they trust. unfortunately later in life that person you trusted, they may not be around any more or trust may be misplaced at some point. it is important to be in the drivers seat and know what is going on around you so you are not vulnerable when you need to
8:35 am
make important decisions. >> let's talk about you have five financial tips every woman really does need to know the first one is, really just to take the drivers seat. >> right. as i just said the second one think emergencies, the 2008, 2009 financial crisis was a perfect example of that, a lot of people went without a job for a while. weather unemployment or large medical expense that can come up you need an emergency fund to help soften the blow. life throws us curve balls. >> even a separate account where you are the only person on that account. >> absolutely if you are married make sure you had a conversation with your spouse. make sure they have a fund in place if they are the main one working. >> also, generally take care of yourself what do you mean by this. >> well, i tend to think women are care takers by nature that makes us wonderful wives and mothers but, unfortunately we
8:36 am
tend to focus on taking care of other people so much we don't take care of ourselves those people we are trying to take care of and do everything for later on in life we don't want to be a burden to them but when we don't take care of ourselves that is who we end up being burden to. long term care is a consideration, if you are single, disability insurance if you find yourself unable to work you may not have a spouse or someone to fall back on. >> be realistic, how so? just being honest with yourself? be realistic about what you can do. >> yeah, when we do a financial plan at my firm one of the first things we talk about is getting a handle on cash flow what money do you have coming in what expenses are going out at the end of the month if you have more expenses than income you have a real problem and if you can't at least start saving for retirement, you know you are going to have a real issue longer term for when you don't have all the income coming in you normally would have. >> also because we can't solely rely on social security any
8:37 am
more. >> absolutely first page of the social security statement says this should not be your sole source of income. >> good reminder. >> and lastly, ask an advisor, but, how do you know, who the right advisor is for you or who is qualified to handle your money >> i always recommend there is obviously a lot of advisors but it is very intimate requires a lot of trust you need to work with some body whom you trust and feel comfortable with you need to have good communication with that person you know, you share a lot of private details with your advisor, so it has to be someone you trust but a great tip is a certified financial planner is held to higher industry planners as far as education, ethical consideration, i always recommend a great tool, find one in your area. >> we have a link at samantha with bernard, wolf and associates thanks for coming
8:38 am
in. a good reminder even if you have heard it before to hear it again. >> thanks samantha. alison over to you. >> ambitious goal for discovering a cure for ailed hypers details coming up -- alzheimers details coming up. wikipedia will black out its website tomorrow find out why. 42 degrees 42 degrees t t t t t.
8:39 am
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making headlines police in missouri say a woman left a marriage counselling session and killed her husband's misstress. her husband had just admitted to the affair telling her he wanted a divorce. several hours later she called her husband to say she drove to her miss tresses home --
8:42 am
mistresses home and shot and killed her. a health alert to pass along to you, the government has an ambitious goal for discovering a cure for alzheimers by 2025 they hope to have effective ways to treat and prevent the mind destroying illness. experts are meeting to help the obama administration to finalize the plan, 5.4 million people in the u.s. have some sort of dementia, and that number is rapidly growing as people get older. a little heads up, wikipedia will black out its english language website tomorrow to protest anti piracy legislation, considered by congress bills are designed to crackdown on pirated u.s. products overseas the cofounder and other opponents says the too broad and could hurt free speech and innovation the black out will be for one day starting midnight tonight. textile museum in northwest dc will celebrate africa this weekend there are activities
8:43 am
for the entire family. >> annie yu is there live what do you have coming up? >> reporter: good morning sarah and alison, so the textile museum is kicking off their mid- winter family festival this saturday it is fun, free, fashionable. my friend is putting on my little textile outfit and we will learn about this and it is made out of raffia coming up in a bit ♪ that aroma calls to you ♪ time to jump in to something new ♪
8:44 am
♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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textile museum in northwest dc was founded in 1925. annie yu there to check out the new exhibit and fun activities for the entire family good morning. >> good morning. it really is for the entire family if i were a kid i would want to come out here heck i am an adult and having so much fun this morning. before we talk about the fun dress up activity for this hour the curator is joining me here this is made out of a plant called raffia. lee will tell us about it. >> we are in our museum's textile learning center. people can try mare hand at looking at and making, touching textiles like down stairs. most of the fabrics on view are made from raffia, raffia comes
8:47 am
from a palm tree, it grows throughout central africa, people use the inner leaves, of the palm tree, to make this textile. it is amazing it feels and kind of looks like hay. >> it is, a grassy fibre. >> it is amazing they make this into this scar. here. >> that's right it is very rough when it starts out as they weave it, pound it and wet it it makes it a supple and soft fabric. >> new appreciation for the plant raffia. >> you are welcome. >> so if your kids come out this weekend they can do a fun dress up activity my friend joins us she is a designer and artist here you have been doing this over 40 years. >> yes. >> you will be lending your closet saturday playing with the kids they can take photo what is do i have on now. >> you have a wrapper, which is the kuba cloth wonderful
8:48 am
designs and beauty of the cloth is that it lands itself to a variety of ways you can wear it. >> right some of these can be as long as 40 feet. >> exactly. >> so i would thing when you wrap it around -- think when you wrap it around multiple times. >> the more fabric or textile you work with, it is a status symbol,. >> put it on me. >> okay. >> layer it on. >> i want to try something real sweet this is a feathered collar the beautiful thing about the kuba the elements i love about them they use shells in their work >> i noticed that. >> as well as the grass and feathers. >> natural stuff as far as supplies go. >> exactly. >> you use your environment, what is available what is around you. >> that is really neat. >> and i am taking a contemporary spin on the traditional way the kuba cloth
8:49 am
is worn. i have like a shawl,. >> whoa. >> this is cool i don't want to cover up my mic but is there a necklace? or feathers enough. >> feather is enough. >> okay. >> so do i look okay? >> fabulous. >> yes so you would just walk around town like this s greet everybody this is what they wear. >> this is what is worn traditionally, and basically worn for ceremonial purposes this is not your every day wear. >> mm. >> but on january 21st, i am going to be adorning people, like i said the art of adornment is what i do. you would see yourself with feathers, beads, cowry shells and layers of cloth take a photograph and you are able to go home with the picture, as a wonderful memory of being here on family day. >> parents really get involved too not just the kids. >> like myself i am really
8:50 am
getting involved. >> very much so >> if you come out this saturday, the 21st, kicks off at noon until 4:00 p.m., i got to tell you it is free parking the best way to come out is by taking the due mount metro. okay. so you will get to meet danielle here lee of course and coming up we have a drummer joining us that we will hit the beats are you going to hit the beats with us? >> i don't think so but thank you for the invite. >> back to you in studio. >> thank you. well, winter weather can do a number on your skin what is the best way to stay healthy. keep your skin looking good. >> local man says the answer is all natural he will join us next hour with products that he has created that could help you out. time now 8:50 a.m. we will be right back start with the essentials.
8:51 am
then mix in the secret ingredient: french's yellow mustard. add a handful of tiny hands. and a personal touch. finish with compliments to the new chefs.
8:52 am
8:53 am
video streaming service known as hulu will debut its political comedy next month.
8:54 am
they are ramping up services against netflix as its rival in the online video business the new show is called battleground, about a campaign for a senate seat in wisconsin. 11th season of american idol, unbelievable, premiers tomorrow night. >> rocker steven tyler returns for his second run as a judge he says he has a more defined sense of what he is looking for in a contestant now he says he hopes season 11 of idol uncovers a couple more scotty mcqueary type singers. >> he was so young perfect to be an idol, ready for a producer, toll him what to do, to massage his career. he was perfect. he was a small seed, from a big tree. two hour season premier kicks off 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night there will also be a 1 hour idol thursday at 8. are you excited? >> i am so excited. >> i love it.
8:55 am
>> with will be watching at our house. >> let's say good morning to facebook fan of the day, she is the fox 5 facebook fan of the day and says she refused to give up in her attempt to get picked we thank you for that and thank you for watching too. have a great day. to be tomorrow's fan of the day search facebook fox 5 morning news. i have not been on facebook in like two weeks. >> it has been awhile for me i hope no one is trying to get a hold of me. >> i just you know call me. >> tony will be back to join alison. >> stick around fox 5 morning news will be back after the break  whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy,i've got tons of. ank! frank! get my jean bin, new blue jeans? oh, sie wants my jeans. got tons of. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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good tuesday morning i am alison seymour. i am tony perkens, occupy congress, house lawmakers back
8:59 am
on the hill greeted by protestors. around the country and world demonstrations are set to take place, stacey cohan will have live details from capital hill. be the match, every year lymphoma and leukemia claim lives of thousands you may be able to help. how to sign up to donate and help save a life. >> if you are excited for tomorrow's premier of american idol don't miss our guest. dozens competing in a local idol like competition. this is all a good thing to help some young people get to college. wow okay. tucker barnes joining us from the weather center he has a look at this day. it was raining, not then raining. >> it is still raining will be for the next couple hours things will quiet down, a few peeks of sunshine, best part of today, warmer temperatures, low 60s later today


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